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Plantar orthotics


Plantar orthotics

Plantar orthotics both prevent and treat a large number of conditions connected to the feet (feet, knees, hips, back). It is a medical treatment that is covered by most private insurance to be prescribed beforehand. Furthermore, only a doctor or podiatrist has the power to issue a prescription for orthotics.

The best thing about our plantar orthotics is their dynamic capacity to guide the foot without restricting its natural movement. Firstly they are made to measure, which offers unequalled performance and comfort. Furthermore unlike traditional plantar orthotics, they are thin and discrete, which allows them to be used in most shoes. Made in Quebec from superior quality materials, our plantar orthotics are also durable.

Smaller, more practical and more versatile, our plantar orthotics are ideal for correcting bad posture, bad gait or even to prevent or relieve pain related to various afflictions of the feet.

Other types of plantar orthotics are also available if necessary.


Biomechanical examination

The biomechanical examination consists of several tests and measurements taken by the podiatrist in order to evaluate posture, gait as well as bone and joint structures of the lower limbs.

This examination can identify the different anomalies that can cause foot, knee, hip or back pain.

Understanding biomechanics is essential to the diagnosis issued by the podiatrist, since a considerable part of the conditions that develop in the lower part of the body are linked to a dysfunction of the mechanics of the feet.

Understanding and identifying these structural problems is then used not only to treat the symptoms of these conditions but also to correct the elements that are the direct or indirect cause of this.


Postural imaging system

Offered exclusively at our Saint-Léonard regional clinic, the medical imaging system is on the cutting edge of technology which allows a complete assessment of an individual’s postural status. It provides clear and accurate results that enhance the overall understanding of a patient’s posture using images taken from head to toe.

This proven system, in use since 1996 is completely safe and allows for your podiatrist’s expertise to be combined with your own determination for the most effective treatment possible. All of this allows the patient to be involved in the healing process, but also stimulates their motivation through close monitoring of their orthotic treatment. The monitoring allows for the observation of the evolution of their condition and posture in order to properly measure the correction of the plantar orthotics as needed.

Evaluation using this system is made in several easy steps, but don’t worry, the process will be explained to you in detail during an appointment with your podiatrist. Don’t wait any longer! Get in touch with us for more information about plantar orthotics and the postural examination system!